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1 England Ronnie O'Sullivan 15 17 Oct Towards the end of the 1990s, when Hendry was still dominating, another fast player, England's Ronnie O'Sullivan, ssc napoli jersey 23/24 rose to the top of the game. There you could keep the class at the end of the 1968/69 season with place 14. Although the number of tournaments only increased noticeably with the introduction of the Players Tour Championship for the 2010/11 season, many excellent players had established themselves at the top of the world, who had adopted Hendry's style of play and thus also had better chances of bigger breaks. In the 2010s, the number of maximum breaks shot up again rapidly, since in addition to the introduction of the Players Tour Championship (2010-2016) and a radical change in the world association (Barry Hearn), many more tournaments were played again. Also, in the 1990s, both the opening up of the tour to all players and the associated larger field, and the more tournaments themselves, there were more potential opportunities to play a maximum break.

In the following years from 1955 to 1960 you continued to place yourself in the middle. It was only six more years before David Gilbert played the 147th maximum during a Championship League game. The maximum must have been played during a professional tournament. During the Soviet era, a regional champion was played in the Moldovan republic. England Gary Wilson Nov 24 England Kyren Wilson Apr 19 The Hartford Whalers (when in the World Hockey Association (1972-79) as the New England Whalers) were an ice hockey team based in Hartford, Connecticut, formed from 1979 to 1997 in of the National Hockey League was active. As part of the 1997 World Snooker Championships, O'Sullivan played the fastest maximum break ever. The number of frames of the player who played the maximum break is given first, followed by the number of frames of his opponent. Mark Selby, for example, hit the 100th maximum break at the UK Championship 2013, and over the next year Shaun Murphy got three maximum breaks.

The minimum limit is three maximum breaks played. It is also noticeable in these statistics that the players already mentioned in the history section have already played numerous maximum breaks due to their skills. As part of the 2017 Championship League, England's Mark Davis set an age record when he played his second maximum break at the age of 44 years and 202 days, having played his first maximum break two months earlier in the same tournament. The dominance continued in the following years, the championships in 1962 and 1963 completed the title hat-trick, with several rounds before the end of the game being celebrated in these years as well. The World Cyber ​​Games are considered to be the world championship for FIFA players and are held individually. As runners-up in the 2010/11 Premier League season, Chelsea qualified directly for the Champions League. O'Sullivan later earned the nickname "The Rocket" because, like Hendry, he played far more risky than others before and thus created better chances. This may be due to the fact that the seconds in which O'Sullivan is off his chair are sometimes counted gets up, looks at the picture on the table and starts the break Provided both of the above criteria are met, a maximum break is officially recognized by the WPBSA.

The maximum must have been played on a table with legally sized pockets. John Spencer's Maximum Break in January 1979 met that criterion, but it was played on a table that didn't have the required pocket size. Two of these were played by O'Sullivan, who, with his maximum breaks at the Northern Ireland Trophy and the UK Championship, real madrid jersey 2023 was the second player to maximum break in two consecutive world rankings. In 2003, for example, he played a maximum break in two consecutive world ranking tournaments for the first time, both at the LG Cup and at the British Open. 276 His appearance in the first away game in London against Fulham FC also attracted a great deal of media attention. On April 12, 2012, Steinhaus was nominated to referee the women's tournament at the London 2012 Olympic Games – alongside Felix Brych, who was taking part in the men's tournament. Due to its location on the bay, summer games were also easier to endure than in other MLB stadiums, as there is always a fresh breeze blowing. From the beginning to this day, Norbert "Nobby" Dickel, who once played professionally for Borussia Dortmund, and the journalist Boris Rupert have been leading the broadcast using an audio live stream.

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