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At the amateur level, he lost his opening game at the Vienna Open. Meanwhile, he took part in tournaments in the Pontins Pro/Am series at the amateur level without much success. Over the next few years, Joyce participated in mostly unsuccessful editions of the WSA Open Tour and the Challenge Tour, as well as qualifying for the World Snooker Championship. At the amateur level, Joyce again competed in the Pontins Pro/Am tournaments and reached a semi-final. At the amateur level, he reached the quarterfinals of the Pink Ribbon Tournament, a charity event. Things weren't looking any better at the amateur level either; he was eliminated in the last 64 at the Pink Ribbon. It was similar in the 2016/17 season. Losing 2-0 at home and 2-2 away against Brøndby IF (DEN), SKN St. Pölten Frauen were eliminated from the competition. The following season was similar, as he retired three times each in the round of 80 and round of 64 and, in addition to reaching the main group stage at the Grand Prix, his best result was a participation in the round of 48 of the UK Championship.

The next season, however, was much better, as he went through the round of 64 in eight of nineteen tournaments, going out twice in the round of 32 and three times in the round of 16. However, the 2012/13 season went better again; Alongside numerous rounds of the last 32, Joyce reached the round of 16 at the UK Championship and quarterfinals at both the Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy and the Scottish Open, both PTC tournaments at the time. This means that alongside the 2014/15 Cup winners, the 2014/15 Serie A runners-up have also qualified for the 2015/16 UEFA Europa League group stage. In 2013, the Irish Football Association handed over the organization of the Premiership and the Championship to the newly formed Northern Ireland Football League. If teams finish the season in a Champions League qualifying spot, those spots are automatically awarded to the next lower team. Every year, the sales of the football teams are totaled and announced. All positions of the players, the ball and the referees are then added together by a patented tracking software using multiple perspectives of the calibrated cameras. A few weeks after reaching the quarter-finals of the UK Championship, Joyce became involved in a brawl that resulted in him being hospitalized with a fractured eye socket and elbow and suffering from blurred vision for some time.

Only at the World Open did he get past this round and advanced to the quarterfinals, where he lost to Marco Fu. ↑ Fuzhou Open Men Results. ↑ Ron Florax: Mark Joyce – Season 2009-2010 – Professional Results. ↑ Ron Florax: Mark Joyce – Season 2001-2002 – Non-professional Results. ↑ Ron Florax: Mark Joyce – Season 2001-2002 – Professional Results. ↑ Ron Florax: Mark Joyce – Season 2008-2009 – Non-professional Results. His uncles Duane Sutter, Brian Sutter, Darryl Sutter, Rich Sutter and Ron Sutter were all active players in the NHL. Kainz accompanied the king as a reader on a number of trips and always had to recite the desired parts from plays. In this he also left the Pink Ribbon. In addition, an argument with a photographer at the Brickyard 400 led to a suspended sentence until the end of the season. On the other hand, the prohibition orders of the Düsseldorf district government could also be null and void due to a lack of jurisdiction. He was also able to maintain his level in the world rankings; he lost a place and was now listed in 58th place. He improved marginally to rank 57 in the world rankings.

On the world rankings, he improved Joyce to rank 59, which he secured whereabouts on the professional tour. World ranking slipped to 59th place. He slipped to 54th place in the world rankings. He lost seven places in the world rankings. Precision shooting competitions have been held since 2000 (seniors), 2001 (youth) and 2002 (women). Professional-level competitive events for single-seater open-top racing cars have been held since 1905 under the auspices of five different federations. In the 2005/06 season, Joyce took part in the Pontin's International Open Series (PIOS for short) with some success; he reached, among other things, a semi-final and two finals, one of which he lost to Colm Gilcreest and one won against James Leadbetter. Also in the 2009/10 season, Joyce retired mainly in the round of 80 or in the round of 64; this included two appearances in a round of 48 and a round of 32 at the Grand Prix, alongside some good results at editions of the Pro Challenge Series. In addition to numerous friendlies, World Cup and European Championship qualifiers were also played. In doing so, he tied with Lionel Messi and Luiz Adriano for the record for most goals in a Champions League game. In 48 shots at the Chilean goal, the Spaniards scored 34 goals.

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