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Although there seems to have been research by the Ritter Institute in the Ostmark, reports on Austrian Roma are unknown. A general ban was imposed on Roma to leave their current place of residence "until further notice". The deportations from Reich territory in the early winter of 1941 were directly related to the policy of extermination against the Jewish minority initiated in the wake of the attack on the Soviet Union During 1941, a majority were housed in fenced ghettos in or near Siedlce, where they set up a camp where they were housed together with Jews, but separately from them. With the decree, the definition and identification of the "Gypsies" in the territory of the Reich was traced back ideologically to the "race", but in practice the institutions commissioned with the identification – as with Jews – had a racial definition of the group and of individuals on the basis of anthropometric data impossible. The group of people living "according to the gypsy way", which the decree of December 8, 1938 had mentioned, was dropped without replacement.

The decree differentiated between "gypsies of a pure race," "gypsy half-breeds," and people who would "roam about in gypsy fashion." would be freed". However, an expansion of the transports of Jews and "Gypsies" from the "Ostmark" to the "Protectorate" and to Poland, which had already been envisaged, did not materialize. In the case of Jews it was possible to fall back on the religious affiliation or the religious affiliation of their ancestors, but this was impossible in the case of "Gypsies", who belonged to the (Christian) religious communities of the majority population general "ethnic land consolidation" in favor of "Reichs- and Volksdeutsche" together. From mid-October 1941, 20,000 Western European Jews were deported to the Litzmannstadt (Łódź) ghetto. For example, a telegram from Arthur Nebes dated October 16, 1939 is known. According to this, "3-4 wagon gypsies" were to be appended to a deportation train of "Viennese Jews". After the German invasion of Poland, on September 21, 1939, a RSHA executive conference on future racial policy was held in Berlin. Shortly after the attack on Poland, in September 1939, leeds united jersey 23/24 the first plans for the deportation of "Gypsies" to the General Government can be documented. On September 21, Reinhard Heydrich called a conference at which the deportation of the remaining "30,000 Gypsies to Poland" was also decided became.

Knowledge of the planned deportations was widespread, for example, at the end of November 1939 the Magdeburg police chief tried to prevent the structural improvement of the local Gypsy forced camp by pointing out that the deportation was imminent. Deportation from the collection points followed on May 22nd. ", was sent by Himmler in an express letter for mid-May 1940 to a "transport of gypsies… With the arrest on May 16, 1940, as usual with "gypsies" and unlike the Jewish minority, for which the Gestapo was responsible, the Kripo was commissioned. The May deportation of 1940 (see e.g. Gypsy camp Preetzer Straße) is considered a preliminary and training ground for the later deportations of Jews. In March 1940, in order to make the problems of his administration with the "never-ending influx of Jews, Poles and Gypsies" manageable, Frank had himself granted the right of veto over transports to the General Government. With the implementing regulations of March 1, 1939, three differently colored ID cards were issued introduced.

On October 13, 1939, Nebe telegraphed with Adolf Eichmann when he could send the "Berlin Gypsies." On October 17, the RSHA sent an "express letter" ("fixing decree"), which stated that the "gypsies to be arrested later" were up to to be held in special assembly camps during their "final deportation". The holders of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League and the champions of the leagues 1-6 of the UEFA five-year ranking were drawn from Pot 1 regardless of their club coefficient, while all other teams were drawn from the other three according to their club coefficient pots. For the first time since the 2002/03 season, the reigning champions did not start the season with a home game. ASV Dachau successfully defended its title as German Champion. In 2022 and 2023, 16 goals were enough for the title. From 2013 to 2020, the US broadcaster ABC under the title Marvel's Agents of SHIELD In the 2017/18 season he was under contract with the Romanian first division club CSM Bucharest. Werner "Lölle" Lotz went through the youth stations at Meidericher SV and belonged to the A-Youth, which was able to win the Lower Rhine Championship in 1957.

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