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Men's soccer jerseys Comerciantes Unidos Peru Copa Perú 3 The three stars represent the three times that Comerciantes reached the National Stage of the Copa Perú. The Netherlands’ national animal is the mighty lion, manchester city jersey 2024/25 making it befitting that their national footballers don the equally resplendent Netherlands World Cup 2022 jersey. Portuguesa FC Venezuela Primera División Venezolana 5 One title per star. Deportivo Táchira Venezuela Primera División Venezolana 8 One napoli 24/25 kit title per star. Caracas Venezuela Primera División Venezolana 10 One title per star. Sport Boys Peru Peruvian Primera División 6 Stars under the badge (one per title). FBC Melgar Peru Peruvian Primera División 2 Peruvian championship title in 1981; second star added after their 2015 championship title.

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