Arseneal soccer jersey

Coolest soccer jerseys Palermo had previously worn red-and-blue shirts, but Count Giuseppe Airoldi, a prominent founding member of the club, suggested pink and black as they are “colours of the sad and the sweet” and would suit a football team with “results as up and down as a Swiss clock.” You could pick any Palermo kit really, messi argentina jersey 2024 but this one from 2014-15 wins it for us. Barcelona do red-and-blue better than any other. The Azzurri went from Nike back to Italian brand Kappa, who started the trend for slimmer-fitting shirts with these skin-tight “Kombat” kits. The ’90s was a decade of near-misses and disappointments for Italy on the pitch, but it gave them some incredible kits, new mexico jersey 2024-25 and that continued into the new millennium with their much-hyped Euro 2000 shirts.

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